Monday, October 11, 2010

Disposable Diapers to Manage Bedwetting With Older Children and Teenagers

Bedwetting is a common problem that many children and teenagers deal with on a nightly basis. There are a number of products out there that parents can use to help the youngster stay dry at night and eliminate the need for laudering wet bedding and clothing. Most parents might not be aware of the full range of nighttime garments available to manage this issue and the purpose of this article is to talk about the different brands of diapers that are available for older children and teenagers with bedwetting problems. In addition these brands are also suitable for adults that wet the bed. First off I'd like to get a bit of terminology out of the way. One of the most popular styles of incontinence garments marketed for heavy forms of incontinence are “disposable briefs” more commonly known as “adult diapers.” “Adult diapers”, just like the name sounds, have the same fit and design as baby diapers such as Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies - they have tapes for fastening the garments, elastic leg gathers to prevent leaks, a waterproof outer layer made of plastic or non woven cloth, and many have elastic waistbands which are also designed to prevent leaks. The only difference is that they are designed to fit older children, teenagers, and adults.

One of the most popular brands of garments for older bedwetters, and the ones that many parents use, are “Goodnites” . These are an underwear style of garment that pulls on instead of being taped on like a disposable brief. “Goodnites” were introduced in the marketplace 20 years ago. It was thought that because the garments looked like regular underwear it would be less embarrassing for an older child or teenager to wear to bed, as opposed to wearing a diaper. While these garments do work for some children and teenagers, other children and teenagers have had problems with leaking through the products, thereby soaking their bed. In a situation such as this , a parent may want to consider purchasing disposable briefs. In general, disposable briefs tend to be the most effective type of garments available to manage heavy forms of incontinence such as bedwetting. If your child or teen loses large volumes of urine at night and/or wets multiple times during the night, disposable briefs are an option to consider for managing the youngster's bedwetting. The next few sections talk about several brands of disposable briefs suitable for managing bedwetting and where to purchase them.

The first brand I'd like to talk about is ConfiDry 24/7( This brief was recently redesigned by the company for greater protection. According to the website: They have sizes in small, medium, and large. The small fits a waist size of 21'' to 31'' in. which should fit children ages 7 and older. They have sample packs of two for $10.00. If you get a pack and you like the brief you can also purchase the briefs from XP Medical( They sell the diapers for a cheaper price than what you'll pay buying them directly from Dry247. It appears that this brief is particularly well suited for managing bedwetting as the website has this to say regarding the product: "Designed for heavy incontinence & maximum protection, ConfiDry 24/7®'s 3-D Core Absorbancy System enables a capacity of up to 2-3 liters. This unique system makes this brief suitable for continuous and undisturbed full nights rest. The dependable leak control system, keeps skin, clothing and bedding dry for 12 hours or more." I think it would be a good idea to buy a sample pack to see how well the product works.

The second brand I'd like to mention is Molicare. They make the Molicare Super Briefs and the Molicare Super Plus Briefs. According to the National Incontinence website as well as the HDIS website, the Molicare Super Plus is the most absorbent brief of the two. They have sizes in small, medium, and large. XP Medical has sample packs of 2 Super Briefs and 2 Super Plus briefs for $6.95. Other places that sell the Molicare briefs are National Incontinence(, HDIS(, Amazon, as well as other online places.

Another popular brand of disposable briefs are the Abena Abri - Form brand. Abena make disposable briefs with both an outer plastic layer and a cloth like outer layer. Some people prefer the disposable diapers with the plastic outer covering whereas others like the cloth like outer cover better. The briefs with the plastic outer cover are the Abri-Form X-Plus disposable brief. The briefs with the cloth like cover are the Abri-Form Air Plus premium brief. The Abena X-Plus disposable briefs are available in two sizes – medium and large. The medium fits waist sizes between 28'' and 44''. This size should fit larger children as well as teenagers. There are a numer of places that sell these briefs – National Incontinence,New Freedom Solutions, Parent Giving, Care Giver Partnership, XP Medical, NorthShore Care Supply, Dignity Medical Supplies, HDIS, Amazon, as well as others.

A fourth brand of disposable briefs are made by a company called Unique Wellness. They make two briefs – the Superio Signature brief and the original Wellness Brief. Both are good briefs, but the Superio Signature is the one that is supposed to be the most absorbent for nighttime use. They have sample packs of each brief for free. The waist ranges for these briefs are medium which fits waist sizes 24'' to 36'', large which fits waist ranges 36'' to 46'', and extra large which fits waist sizes 46'' to 67''. The link for Unique Wellness is Other companies that sell the original Wellness Brief are Parent Giving(, North Shore Care (, Magic Medical (, and Amazon.

A brand that was just recently introduced is called Absorbency Plus which is made and sold by XP Medical( The Level 4 briefs are the most absorbent briefs and more effective for heavier forms of incontinence such as bedwetting. The smallest size they have is medium which fits waists from 26'' to 38'',which as mentioned earlier should fit older children and teenagers. The brief was just recently redesigned. Among other improvements, the brief now has refastenable tape tabs. They have a sample pack of 3 for $6.95 as well as packs of 8 for $13.95 in size medium for the Level 4 briefs.

The Eurobrief is also highly rated for incontinence problems like bedwetting. The smallest size they have is medium which fits waists from 27'' to 43''. The link for their company is ( Other companies that sell the Eurobrief are North Shore Care(,Dignity Medical Supplies(, and Save Rite Medical (

Tranquility All-Through-The-Night Disposable Briefs are another popular brand of disposable briefs for bedwetting. There are many stores that sell this product including The Bedwetting Store , National Incontinence(run by the same people as the Bedwetting Store) , North Shore Care ( , Parent Giving ( , Amazon, as well as other online places.

The next brand I'd like to talk about is the Tena Brand. Tena makes several briefs for overnight incontinence - the Tena Slip Maxi, Tena Classic Plus Briefs, Tena Youth Briefs, and the Tena Super Brief. The Tena Slip Maxi has a plastic outer layer and is sold by XP Medical. The Tena Super Brief are sold by a number of places – North Shore Care, Vitality Medical, HDIS, Amazon, as well as many other places online. The Tena Youth Brief are also sold by a number of places as well - National Incontinence, Vitality Medical, Amazon, and other places. The smallest size they have in the Super Brief is a medium which fits waist sizes 34'' to 47''. These briefs may fit a large teenager. The Tena Slip Maxi sizes likely to fit older children and teenagers are the small sizes(22'' to 31'') and medium sizes(28'' to 43''). Many people prefer briefs with a plastic outer covering as opposed to a cloth like outer layer. This is a personal preference and you should check with the retailer you're considering purchasing your diapers from to see if they have sample packs available that way you can find out what brand(or brands) of briefs work best for you - some people use more than one brand of disposable briefs. Also, some companies, such as HDIS, have subscription plans where you can have it set up so diapers are delivered automatically so you can avoid running out. This is something you may want to consider also.

Right now I'd like to mention the Secure X-Plus brief made by Secure Personal Care. The X-Plus brief is described as “The Flagship product of our X-Plus Incontinence Care Products Line.” The smallest size this brief comes in is a medium which runs 32'' to 44''. They have sample packs of two for $6.99. The link for this product is

Finally I'd like to mention a new brief called the "Abena Abriform Junior." This was just recently introduced by Abena. According to a customer service rep I spoke with this brief was specifically designed to manage bedwetting. Some places that sell this brief are Allegro Medical, Amazon (through a company called Incontinence products plus), Caregiver Partnership, as well as other places. I've included a link below with a description of the brief.

The brands listed above are specifically recommended for heavy incontinence. People with nighttime incontinence tend to lose larger volumes of urine at night and that is why it's advisable to purchase a product specifically designed to handle larger voids. Hopefully, this list will be helpful to those parents who may want to explore other possibilities for managing their youngster's bedwetting.