Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brands of Plastic Pants for Older Children and Teenagers With Bedwetting Problems

As mentioned in my post “Information Regarding Pin-On Diapers for Older Children and Teenagers With Bedwetting Problems”, cloth diapers, unlike disposable diapers, do not have a waterproof outer layer. As a result, you need to cover the diapers with a pair of waterproof pants. The most popular form of waterproof pants are plastic pants. Plastic pants are made out of vinyl but are generally called plastic pants because vinyl is a type of plastic. Plastic pants are also called “rubber pants” by many people, particularly by old timers. Before the advent of plastic pants in the fifties, rubber pants were the most widely used form of waterproof pants to put over babies diapers. After a while, rubber pants were no longer used for baby pants and over time “rubber pants” became a generic term for waterproof pants. Nowadays when people use the term “rubber pants” they mean plastic pants. I'd like to talk about a couple of brands of plastic pants to use for cloth diapers.

One of the most popular brands of plastic pants are the Gary brand. The Gary company makes a very good plastic pant which is sold by several companies under different names. The pant is made of 7 gauge vinyl (gauge being the thickness of the vinyl)It is a very thick plastic pant, which is good because thicker pants are durable and will last longer, and it has vinyl covered elastic which is very effective for preventing leaks. The places that sell this pant are Adultclothdiaper company(also known as All Togther Enterprises) under the name “Leakmaster Deluxe”(, Angel Fluff Diaper Company under the name “Ultimate Whisper”(, and Changing Times Diaper Company under the name InControl Comfort(

Another plastic pant made by Gary is the Euroflex pant. This pant is made from Urethane which is a plastic type material. This pant is a made from a clear plastic which is very durable. This pant is sold by L.L. Medico. You can also order this pant with covered elastic waist and leg bands and a high back for more secure protection against leaks. The link for this pant is Finally, L.L. Medico sell an 8 gauge frosted clear vinyl pant with vinyl covered elastic in the waist and legs. You can order this pant with a high back which is best for preventing leaks. This pant is not one they have in stock - you have to custom order it which takes an extra three weeks but it's well worth the wait in my opinion. The smallest size they have is a 3xs which will fit older children.

I hope this list helps those parents who may be having a difficult time finding plastic pants to fit their older child or teenager with bedwetting problems.


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